How Top Travel Destinations Were Impacted By the Coronavirus Pandemic

Six months ago, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic, impacting travel worldwide.

Data from travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, reveals how travel to top tourist destinations has been affected since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.

Drastic Decrease in Travel to International Destinations

Prior to COVID-19, international trips made up 86% of all insured travel, but in the six months following the pandemic declaration, international trips account for only 47% of insured travel.

  • The United States is the only top destination to see an increase in travelers for trips booked amidst the pandemic, all other top destinations have seen significant decreases.
Top 10 Destinations

6 Months Prior to Pandemic Declaration

% Change in Number of Travelers

Post-Pandemic Declaration

US +7.48%
Mexico -75.15%
Italy -93.89%
France -90.78%
Canada -74.92%
Spain -93.16%
UK -84.27%
The Bahamas -83.53%
Israel -86.55%
Costa Rica -91.64%

Accessible Destinations Replace Europe For American Travelers

European countries accounted for half of the top ten international destinations for American travelers prior to COVID-19. However, as COVID-19 caused travel restrictions for many European destinations, the UK and France are the only European countries to remain in the top ten international destinations.

  • Accessible destinations like Mexico, Canada, and Caribbean countries now account for more than half of the top ten international destinations.
Top 10 International Destinations

6 Months Prior to Pandemic Declaration

Top 10 International Destinations

6 Months Post-Pandemic Declaration

Mexico Mexico
Italy Canada
France UK
Canada The Bahamas
Spain US Virgin Islands
UK Turks and Caicos
The Bahamas Israel
Israel Jamaica
Costa Rica France
Germany Australia

Methodology: Data is based on travel insurance policies purchased through Squaremouth between September 12, 2019 – September 11, 2020, for all future travel. Statistics reflect the comparison between the six month period prior to the pandemic declaration (Sept 12, 2019 – March 11, 2020) to the six month period after the pandemic was declared (March 12, 2020 – Sept 11, 2020) unless otherwise noted.