IBRHA works tirelessly to inform and educate our members on legislation that impacts our industry. Operation Direct Action maintains visibility within the government and advocates for leadership and support for policies that protect and advance the interests of the black business community. 

How ODA advocates:

  1. Engage legislators 
  2. Collaborate and educate
  3. Build partnerships

ODA regularly holds meetings to provide the latest information to our membership. When issues directly or indirectly affect our membership, ODA discusses the policy, informs the membership, and votes on if the association will take a position, support, or oppose.

Advocacy Priorities

  • Promote the Black hospitality and leisure community as a niche genre.
  • Protect Black businesses from negligent practices or unnecessary costs of doing business
  • Increase diversity in planning, oversight, and inclusion on projects  
  • Support conscious projects that impact and include the Black businesses and communities
  • Advocate for an equal playing field and fair competition in business expansion
  • Facilitate cross-collaboration and promotion of Black international travel destinations
  • Participate in industry planning and insight that enhance and improve overall travel experiences

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