Our Partnerships

IBRHA’s strategic Corporate Connections partnership program is a village of high profile companies and boutique agencies, both in and outside of hospitality and retail, purposed with social responsibility to foster growth, diversity, and community  through custom and curated programming, education technical assistance, and capacity building tools. The goal of the CC partnership program is to create access and opportunity for new business development with the shared vision of supporting IBRHA members and their businesses. 

Our strategic Corporate Connections partner are companies who join IBRHA and gain access to the membership by creating meaningful business driven benefits for IBRHA. Additionally, our Corporate Connections host events, sponsor programming, and provide industry expertise and make their services accessible to IBRHA members.

Dining Assist

Dining Assist focuses on helping hospitality businesses improve their financial portfolios and cashflow.

Hospitality 2 Work

Hospitality 2 Work provides certification, training and development for the hospitality employee workforce.

Urban Atlanta

Urban Atlanta mixes business and hospitality, crafting pop-up and virtual experiences that redefines networking.



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