Business Listings

All Member and Partner hospitality and travel-related businesses have the opportunity to be listed on’s online directory


Post your tourism-related business on IBRHA’s consumer website, This is a free opportunity to showcase your business to millions of people who visit the site and interact with the organization each year. Include a clear description, a link to your website, contact information and anything else you believe will be useful for potential visitors to know.

IBRHA seeks to market Black communities inspiring, life-changing visitor experiences. Submissions from attractions, eateries, accommodations, and destinations of all kinds are welcomed – from well-known favorites to best-kept-secrets.


What qualifies as a business listing?

Any restaurants, retail, accommodations, leisure, attractions, rental cars, and transportation that might attract visitors can be listed online on our website. Submissions for temporary/pop-up businesses will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for those submissions.

Can I submit an image to my business listing?

IBRHA will allow for one high-res photo submission to be displayed on the website. However be sure to still include a descriptive business listing and a link to your business website.


Publicity Using Your
Existing Assets

Consumer Content

Submit consumer content ideas for consideration for distribution on, and BlackStarRated digital and social channels


From food to festivals, submit your consumer-facing content ideas about your destination or business for publishing consideration on the, and its digital and social media channels. Contact us to receive our content editorial calendar for inspiration on what topics you can submit. Please note: There is no guarantee ideas will be published. It is at the discretion of the IBRHA Outreach Committee.


What’s the difference between submitting consumer content or a business listing?

Consumer Content submissions are specific editorial ideas connected to your business to include on IBRHA’s consumer channels, whereas Business Listing submissions encompass contact information and website directs.

What type of content ideas should I submit?

Content submissions must be visitor-related, and should focus on the business and experience, not special offers. As a reminder, while any Black community experiences can be enjoyed by locals, our main focus is to market to out-of-town visitors.

What about events?

IBRHA encourages event submissions to be included in our monthly events blog posts, on social channels or as advertising content pieces on

What kinds of images should I use?

Images should always convey a sense of excitement and interest. Do not submit logos or fliers, and submit hi-resolution, high-quality, full-color images. For the website, images must be horizontal.


Publicity Using Your
Existing Assets

Public Relations Content

Submit ideas consideration and inclusion in leads and pitches for other media specific channels as well as published on BlackStarRated


IBRHA’S PR team sends out monthly emails with submission opportunities for story ideas. On a quarterly basis, submission request for Best-in-Black special editions are included in the monthly Membership emails. Submit new leisure and attractions, restaurant, retail, or accommodation openings to be featured in our seasonal Best-in-Black publication, which is printed and online. Please note we do not feature events, classes, or packages in this area.


What happens to my story idea submissions?

All story idea submissions are reviewed and shared with IBRHA’s PR network and partners for proactive media pitching and for use as a resource in reactive leads. The submissions are also used to create polished story ideas that are posted to the Media Center and used when pitching to media. Content that meets the criteria – such as openings of new attractions, hotels and restaurants; large-scale renovations; and any other similar visitor-related news – is included in the quarterly Best-in-Black publications, and its digital and social channels. It is also distributed via e-newsletter to PR,media and industry with a link to the full publication.

Who reviews my content?

PR submissions are reviewed by IBRHA Outreach team and shared with all PR agencies for consideration across web and social channels.


Publicity Using Your
Existing Assets